Capital Group Provides Steady Market Beating Returns

Timothy Armour has been the chairman and CEO of Capital Group since 2015. They happen to be a long-running success story with over $1.5 trillion worth of assets under management. However, in recent years they’ve been facing stiff competition from passive index funds, especially post-Great Financial Crisis. It has seen its Growth Fund of America […]

Duda Melzer and His Leadership Contributions to RBS Group

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer as he is fondly known in the Brazilian economy is the grandson to Maurício Sirotsky Sobrinho, founder of the RBS Group. RBS is a media company that has been providing, news, sporting and entertainment content in Brazil since 1957. Taking up the mantle from his uncle, a lot is expected from Duda […]

Honey Birdette-Not Your Grandmother’s Underwear Store

Honey Birdette has just launched its uS e-commerce website in response to the rapid sales increase in just a 12 month duration form its US market. The new site will be more customer-friendly with free shipping on orders over $50, easier returns, and faster shipping. It will also have more collections available to its customers […]

The Tempus CEO and Philanthropist, Eric Lefkofsky

Eric Lefkofsky is the co-founder of Tempus, a company that has a goal of putting databases to calibrate and then know how to treat cancer. He is also the CEO and would like to fight cancer successfully. His plan is to get doctors have a database that will give order and prevent confusion and give […]

LifeLine Screenings and Customized Health Programs

Taking care of one’s health today is not a luxury, but a necessity today. Since there are so many different illnesses and disease on the rise in the United States and other countries, people need to know what they can do to avoid major problems in their health. One of the most notable is knowing […]

End Citizens United Survey Shows Majority of Americans Want Investigation to Russia-Trump Ties

End Citizens United, a prominent PAC which is fighting against unaccounted money into the election process, conducted a survey on Russia-Trump ties and found that more than 61 percent of the U.S. citizens want an investigation on it. The poll was administered by PPP, also found that majority of the people are opposing the sack […]

Bob Reina Allows Folks To Live The Life They Want To Live

What if someone told you that the life you always wanted is out there? Guess what? It is out there and it is out there because of Bob Reina and Talk Fusion. He is giving back and he is giving people the chance to use Talk Fusion, which is a video communications provider. They have […]

Jason Hope Doubles Down on Backing the Internet of Things

Jason Hope mde a name for himself in the business world as an entrepreneur who was willing to take risks. He went to Harvard before graduating Magna Cum Laude and moving out to Los Angeles. Since then Hope has been a big part of some of the greatest tech innovations in the country. Now, Hope […]

Karl Heideck, an Experienced Litigation Attorney Based in Philadelphia

Litigation is a legal proceeding initiated between two parties to either defend or enforce a legal right. Litigation can be settled when the two opposing parties come to an agreement. A litigator represents the complainant in a civil case and is in charge of handling the litigation process. The required credentials for being a litigator […]

Dudo Melzers Contributions to Modern International Business

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is a Brazilian entrepreneur with a rather impressive background. He’s most commonly known by his nickname of “Duda.” His most notable accomplishment is being the Chairman and CEO of RBS Group, a family run and top multimedia communications company in Brazil. He’s also chairman with e. Bricks Ventures, which is an international […]