Understanding Securus Technologies

A private institution, Securus Technologies provides technology and communication solutions to numerous correctional facilities located in the United States. The company has been in operation for a while and is among the leaders when it comes to the inmate communications industry. Securus Technologies is headed by Richard Smith who holds the position of Chief Executive […]

Jason Hope Helps To Shape the Future Through Investing In Technology

While human beings may not have the capability of controlling what will occur in the future, it is often a good idea to be prepared for any eventuality. Jason Hope is changing the playground, and he has significantly helped to shape the current state of technology and the approach that most people in the society […]

Talk Fusion and Huffpost

Talk Fusion is the first marketing company to have all-in-one video solutions so that e-mails and other business things can be more engaging and therefore more persuasive, which in turn helps to make a profit. This innovative company, headed by CEO Bob Reina, stays devoted to helping others succeed which is clear when reading Reina’s […]

American nutrition supplement market

Regain Your Fitness Through Logan Stout’s IDLife

Leading a healthy life keeps many lifestyle diseases at bay. However, it comes at a cost that most people are unable or unwilling to pay. As a result, a significant lot that fails to sacrifice that unnecessary junk food find themselves in the group of overweight people in the world. Courtesy of a study conducted […]

The Incredible Healing Properties of Rapamycin and the Plans Mikhail Blagosklonny has For Oncology

Rapamycin is a drug commonly used to prevent rejection of organ transplant by the body. The drug is also known as Sirolimus, and it is used to coat coronary stents and rare lung disease treatment. Rapamycin is marketed as Rapamune and is mostly referred to as the cancer drug. Sirolimus was first isolated in 1972 […]

Bringing Ideas to Life One Story at a Time: Bridget Scarr

A passion for life is what drives Bridget Scarr. Her drive to bring ideas to life shows in everything she does. Connecting with large audiences through a variety of media outlets is what Bridget does best. Her over 15 years experience as an executive producer has given her the resources she needs to complete many […]

Whitney Wolfe Interesting Relationship Story

Bumble’s founder and CEO, Whitney Wolfe, while helping people find the love she also found love which led to the altar. Therefore, she is currently with her husband, Michael Herd, a restaurateur and also ventures in the oil and gas business. It was in 2013 before Christmas when Whitney and Michael were on vacation in […]

Groups that advocate for civil, human and migrant rights in America

The United States has the highest number of human, civil and migrant’s rights groups in the world. These are organizations composed of people who are dedicated to providing support to the weak in the society address the issues of human right violations. Violation of human rights is illegal and should be dealt with as a […]

member of the Board of Trustees

Anthony Petrello Provides Continued Support for Texas Childrens Hospital

Anthony Petrello is known as an extremely successful business leader. He is the Chief Executive Officer, President and Director of the Board for Nabors Industries. Nabors is a massive company that is a leader in providing drilling equipment. They work in every major drilling region of the world and have a foothold on nearly every […]

Areas that Aloha Construction Inc. Deal with at the Home

Aloha Construction Inc. is among the leading companies that carry out home repairs. The company mainly operates in southern Wisconsin and the entire region of Illinois. Although the company is owned and operated by a single family, it has coped well with the stiff competition in the market and Aloha’s lacrosse camp. The company uses […]