March 2016

Slyce Inc. Brings New Technologies To The Market

There have been several improvements to it’s existing visual search platform as well as other features which were packaged a long side the existing platform. These were announcements made by Slyce Inc. in their annual yearly report which was featured on the Yahoo Finance page. One of the features that were added is the 2 […]

Skout Helps Us Remember To Be Kind

Learn About Skout And Their New Features The best way to meet friends online and in real life, in my opinion, is to use Skout. You will be surprised how quickly and easily you can meet new people and make valuable connections with those around you. Skout is a platform that has proven how dedicated […]

The Super Career of Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison has become a great leader in the advancement for female executives that are trying to break through the glass ceiling. She has become someone that has built a career that is outstanding and worthy of recognition. Helane Morrison measures up against the best as she has relied her skills to make a name […]

Dick DeVos Hopes You Vote for Marco Rubio

On March 8, 2016, voters in Michigan will head to the polls for their chance to vote on who should earn the right to run for president. In the past, the DeVos family has endorsed a variety of candidates. After Jeb Bush dropped out of the race, the DeVos family is endorsing Marco Rubio. The […]