June 2016

Andy Wirth’s Predictions on the Drought

One of the most relevant and hot topics in the United States within the past few years has been that of the drought that has been plaguing the West Coast. Learn more about Andy Wirth: https://www.crowdrise.com/wwsupport This current drought has not only been affecting the water consumption of domestic households, but also has been affecting […]

Mike Baur and the Deserved Recognition of Entrepreneurs

If there is anything that could be said for entrepreneurs, it is that they deserve a lot of recognition and appreciation. Among the entrepreneurs that deserve the most respect is Mike Baur. Mike Baur is an entrepreneur who has run a successful venture. One of the main reasons that he deserves a lot of praise […]

Even When Dealing With A Scandal, You Can Recover And Come Out Better

For just about any person or entity who’ve become famous locally or nationally, the chances are they’re going to face a scandal at some point. In fact, the city of Austin, TX has seen quite a few scandals hit local businessmen over the last couple years and people have had to find ways to mitigate […]

Andy Wirth Leads Ski Resort Through Drought Season

Dry seasons and droughts obviously mean a lack of rain, and for ski and mountain resorts that means less snowfall. This is certainly a kiss of death for industries like these, right? Well after listening to an interview with Andy Wirth on KCRW on the program, Press Play with Madeleine Brand, maybe that isn’t necessarily […]