October 2016

Wen bursts the hair care industry’s bubble!

So many of us have had the problem of not being able to get our hair as “perfect” looking at home as it does when we leave the salon. Sure, you may not be a professional hair stylist but you may have been wondering what you were doing wrong. I was taught to check the […]

How to Identify Excellent SEC Whistleblower Attorneys

The United States Congress enacted Dodd-Frank Street Reforms and Consumer Protection Act in 2010. The Dodd-Frank Act is a whistleblower program whose responsibility is to protect employees and offer financial incentives to people who report such violations to the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC). Qualities and Functions of SEC Whistleblower Attorney The SEC whistleblower lawyers […]

FreedomPop Offers Me So Much On My Free Service Plan

I used to use FreedomPop for my cell phone service because I read a review of FreedomPop, but my phone broke, and I couldn’t afford another phone at the time. I was on such a tight budget that paying for a phone was not an option, so I went without a phone for a little […]