March 2017

Are You Consdering an Equity Loan?

Business owners might consider a loan using equities as collateral. Sometimes, cash is needed in a business to meet demands during an emergency if cash flow is low. A lot of business owners decide to check with their banks to see if they make loans using stocks as collateral. They are told yes, they do […]

Anthony Petrello: Leading An Eminent Oil And Gas Company–Nabors Industries, Ltd.,–All In A Day’s Work

What is a humble and intelligent guy like Tony Petrello doing these days? Well, naturally, Tony Petrello is leading one of the foremost oil and gas international companies–as the company’s CEO, President and Chairman of the Board: What else would you expect? And let us face it: Why Should He Not? He has a highly […]

A Review Of Todd Lubar’s Success In Different Ventures

Todd Lubar is an entrepreneur and a philanthropist who has a deep passion for real estate and finance. He is the President of TDL Global Ventures, LLC, a company that focuses on helping people in need. He also serves as the senior vice president of Legendary Investments. Todd’s career in the real estate began in […]

Equities First Comes Up with New Lending Solutions for South Africa

Numerous organizations around the globe have managed to flourish because of the bolster they have gotten from banks. Getting the required funding to begin a business is a dubious affair in many parts of the globe and unless one owns assets to give as a guarantee, it gets to be distinctly hard to have a […]