April 2017

Dudo Melzers Contributions to Modern International Business

Eduardo Sirotsky Melzer is a Brazilian entrepreneur with a rather impressive background. He’s most commonly known by his nickname of “Duda.” His most notable accomplishment is being the Chairman and CEO of RBS Group, a family run and top multimedia communications company in Brazil. He’s also chairman with e. Bricks Ventures, which is an international […]

A Penny For Your Health

Let’s talk health for a second. When was the last time you had a health screening done? Has it crossed your mind, or is it too scary to bring up? Life Line Screening is here to tell you, that your health deserves your attention. Do not let the timer hit zero before you decide to […]

RBS Media’s Duda Melzer Thinks Brazil Is On The Road To Economic Recovery

Details of Brazil’s decline from economic powerhouse to recessionary misfit have been the topic of conversation in the country’s media industry and in the public domain for the last four years. The causes of Brazil’s fall from economic grace are well documented. The Stagnation in China, political corruption, falling commodity prices, and fiscal mismanagement gave […]

Top 3 Natural Lip Balm Brands

Maintain soft, supple and healthy is not an easy affair. It takes effort, or at least having a lip balm in hand. However, it is important to understand that there are lip balms that help improve the condition of your skin, and there are those that contain ingredients that will only hurt your lips further. […]

The Wessex Institue of Tecnology-A Golden Gem for the Scientific Community!

The Wessex Institute of Technology (or also known as W.I.T.) is settled in the beautiful landscape of the New Forest National Park in England. It is a dynamic institute that offers high quality Scientific Expertise Training that will catapult the next generation into the 21st Century. The founder and creator of this magnificent institute, Professor […]

Eric Pulier and His Many Ventures

As one of the leading entrepreneurs in technology, Eric Pulier has created many successful technology-based companies. Some of the best-known companies that he has founded or co-founded are Media Platform, Akana, and Desktone. He first created a company when he was in high school, which was a database computer company. His accomplishments started from a […]