A Penny For Your Health

Let’s talk health for a second. When was the last time you had a health screening done? Has it crossed your mind, or is it too scary to bring up? Life Line Screening is here to tell you, that your health deserves your attention. Do not let the timer hit zero before you decide to start screening.

Life Line Screening offers a safe, accurate, and painless process for your screening needs. A simple screening today can save you a decade of grief tomorrow. Let’s start today, with our cutting-edge technology and gifted technologists. This equipment can discover preventable ailments that go unnoticed with no symptoms. Take no risks when a simple screening can solve many issues.

Screenings can uncover abdominal aortic aneurysm, serious cholesterol levels, cardiovascular disease, and possibly irregular heartbeat. These are only a small sample of what can be discovered in the human body. Leave worries of health to us, so you can worry less. We will detect any problems before they arise, and a healthier life is assured.

Lifeline Screening offers include, many types of simple and straight-forward screenings. Ultrasound, which utilizes high frequency sound waves to find abnormalities within the body. Finger-stick blood screenings, is simply a prick of the soft pad of your finger to gather drops of blood for testing. EKG which in simple terms, monitors the heart for irregularities in electrical activity.

Screenings are necessary, with all afflictions that are susceptible in today’s life. Lifeline Screening cares for you as you cared for someone else. We are able to offer you a healthier life through health screenings. Let each moment last, and let it feel like a lifetime. Take that necessary step, and give us a call today.

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