A Product Review On NewsWatch TV Usually Generates A Big Increase In Sales

When the popular, weekly television news program NewsWatch TV produces and airs a short product promotion segment as part of its NewsWatch TV Reviews, the product being promoted usually experiences a sharp increase in sales.

Such is the case with the Contour Design company and its “Ultimate Workstation” product. With its red roller mouse and balanced keyboard, the Ultimate Workstation is designed to provide a pain-free, comfortable keyboard experience. The work station also features intuitive tracking technology that adapts to each user’s personal pace as they utilize the product.

In an effort to increase exposure of the work station, Contour Design approached NewsWatch about producing a promotional video for the Ultimate Workstation. The video was aired as part of a reviews segment, both online and on the NewsWatch television program.

The promotional campaign that NewsWatch developed for the Ultimate Workstation produced a wealth of positive results. The campaign was broadcast into more than 90 million U.S. households in every major TV market, and generated more than 695,000 online views.

Based in the Washington, DC, area, NewsWatch TV began airing in 1990, and has become widely recognized as a leading source of news stories concerning a broad spectrum of interesting and relevant topics.

NewsWatch TV actually airs on both the ION Network and the AMC Network, and has broadcast more than 1,000 episodes. Whether it be financial, entertainment, travel, automotive, legal, medical or other subjects, NewsWatch consistently delivers informative and entertaining programming.

The NewsWatch TV program is also a favorite place for many celebrities to visit and talk about issues that are important to them.