Andy Wirth’s Predictions on the Drought

One of the most relevant and hot topics in the United States within the past few years has been that of the drought that has been plaguing the West Coast. Learn more about Andy Wirth:

This current drought has not only been affecting the water consumption of domestic households, but also has been affecting the overall available water for both businesses as well as for agriculture. As a result of the limited water supply, business and agriculture have had two choices: to shut down or to find new alternatives.

This topic of drought was recently brought up with the KCRW radio station that asked a well respected individual onto the show in order to discuss his future prediction the may become a result of the lack of water on the West Coast.

As a business owner of a ski resort, the host of the KCRW radio station was particularly eager to learn about his future plans for his business that relies heavily on the amount of rainfall.

However, when talking to Andy Wirth it was discovered that he is in fact not worried about the drought and is instead excited for the business opportunity that this now offers him and his team.

Andy Wirth, during this interview states that he has always had a passion for business as well as for the outdoors. He continues by stating that this drought now gives him a chance to test his adaptability as a businessman and to find new alternatives that will continue to increase the revenue at his resort.

Andy Wirth is glad of this drought because he believes that it will now teach people how to converse the scarce resource of water and how to use it in a more cost-effective manner.  Read more: How Will the Drought Affect California Ski Resorts?

Currently, Andy Wirth is finding new ways to invest in eco friendly technology that will use the scarce water efficiently within the entirety of his resort. As a lover of the outdoors, Andy Wirth wants to protect what is scarce.

In addition to new investments, Andy Wirth also stated in his interview that he will be finding new ways to showcase the beauty of his land. As the resort is located in one of the most beautiful regions in the world, Andy Wirth wants to showcase the land rather than just the snow.

As this resort has many festivals and events in the summer, Andy Wirth plans to continue this trend into the winter to attract both non-locals and locals to the resort


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