Anthony Petrello: Leading An Eminent Oil And Gas Company–Nabors Industries, Ltd.,–All In A Day’s Work

What is a humble and intelligent guy like Tony Petrello doing these days? Well, naturally, Tony Petrello is leading one of the foremost oil and gas international companies–as the company’s CEO, President and Chairman of the Board: What else would you expect?

And let us face it: Why Should He Not? He has a highly impressive background, including that of an Ivy League education, working at an international law firm as its Managing Partner; and then transitioning to one of the highest competitive industries within the market.

Tony Petrello, takes all of it in stride. There is very little that effects Petrello’s corporate decision-making or his logical strategy. With Petrello at Nabors Industries Ltd.’s, helm, success is very transparent.

The company (NYSE: NBR) is the owner and operator of the largest land based drilling fleet in the world. It is a significant provider, too, of offshore drilling rigs—inside of the U.S. as well as a number of global markets.

The company, under Tony Petrello’s direction, additionally, provides directional drilling services. Its technologies are upgraded, in order to assure operator confidence and safety.

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Tony Petrello as CEO, makes it a point to leverage superior drilling capabilities, using a labor force; that skill-wise, is unrivaled. In doing all of the preceding and then some, Tony Petrello allows the company to easily compete within a very competitive marketplace.

Tony Petrello and Nabors Industries, Ltd., continue to make headlines with regard to the appeal of the company’s successful long-term growth. It is Nabors Industries, Ltd.’s main objective to assure the highest standards of excellence are carried out.