Arthur Becker’s Fulfilling Career In Real Estate

Arthur Becker is a man of many passions. He has extensive knowledge and experience in real estate, bio and technology. In all the three fields he has gathered knowledge and years of expertise which makes him one of the greatest investors in New York. He is known for his commitment and devotion to the three industries. His career began after his graduation in business administration from Bennington College. He also has a master’s degree from the Tuck School of Business.

Arthur is a well renowned real estate investor who works alongside various real estate developers. Quite recently he engaged in a deal with Madison Equities and the Property Markets Group on three of their townhouses. Using his visionary skills, he traded his shares for the Soho Sulivan Street houses. Before taking their ownership, the property had not been completed which was a great way to get a better deal. The three houses are strategically placed such that in a few years they will increase their value.

Arthur has also invested his money on property with the JDS Development Group. The company specializes in high end, luxurious residential and accommodation properties in the city. Arthur has an eye for real estate properties that have promising returns and uses this foresight to invest in such. He has vested so much interests and investment with Property Markets Group that also deals in exquisite properties in the city.

According to, he is currently working at Zinio LLC, as the company’s chief executive officer and chairman. The company is an international distributor of digital magazines. Under his leadership, he has helped the company forge ahead to tap more international markets. He also worked at Navisite as the chief executive officer, where showed devotion and commitment for eight years.

To many real estate and tech people, Arthur Becker is a role model. Through his works and the decisions that he has made in the past in his career, he is respected for them. He stands out as one of the best real estate investor sin the city and continues to show this through the strategic decisions that he makes. To learn more, check out his linked In page.