Beneful Offers Everything From Treats To Kibbles

Dog Food Fit For A King

My dog, Champ, is one of my best friends. The saying “dogs are man’s best friend” is true. When I get home from a long day at the office, Champ is always there by the door to make me smile by wagging his tail. I like to treat him right by feeding him food that tastes great. The food from Beneful has lots of texture and flavor, and it is packed with nutrients, so I know it is good enough for my Champ.

When you consider how important the taste and quality of your food is, it is easy to see that it would matter to your dog as well. Purinastore Beneful Dry Dog Food Original is a healthy, balanced source of nutrition. I know that Champ likes the flavor of it.

Champ also likes to sink his teeth into something juicy. We found the most flavorful food on the market for him. To top off his dry food, we buy Beneful Chopped Blends from Walmart. This food makes Champ’s mouth drool when he sees me open the container. They have many different kinds of Chopped Blends available at most pet stores.

In addition to Chopped Blends, Beneful makes other kinds of wet foods for dogs as well. In fact, they have 20 kinds of wet foods to choose from. They makes one called Beneful Incredibites Wet Food that comes in a 3 ounce can. I find that it is enough to feed with Champ’s dinner bowl of kibbles for two days in a row.

We take Champ to the park on weekends. Now that it is warmer out we will start going on longer walks. We need to buy more dog treats. Beneful makes a treat ( called Baked Delights, and they come in several different flavors.




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    He likes the flavor of it, and I know it is packed with extra proteins to support his high energy lifestyle. We have tried them all, since they come in three varieties. He likes them all, but I think his favorite is the one made with real beef. This has really caused a lot of confusion for and it’s still the one they are struggling to maintain.

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