Boraie development limited is a privately owned company having been established in 1986 by Omar Boraie, its current president and leader, motivated by his vision and desire to help rebuild New Brunswick’s real estate and modern housing structures. He had first-hand information and experience in city rebuilding as he had witnessed the same scenario when he was visiting Europe as a scholar from Egypt. Undiscouraged by constant doubts and uncertainties, Omar pursued his dream for New Brunswick and established Boraie Development Company in New Jersey. The company approximately has 36 employees and realizes an annual revenue of over 9 million dollars.

In its manifesto and agenda, Boraie Company seeks to offer a solution to enhancing real estate markets in New Jersey hence has become one of the most highly demanded development company for over two decades. This attribute arises majorly from the fact that it uses private financing as its primary source of funding for performing projects. In its mandate to implement its plans, the company possesses the ability to partner with skilled professional contractors and architects alongside well established financial organizations. It creates a basis for timely completion of projects. Within its capacity, the company offers the entire scope of urban real estate development services comprising of marketing and sales, property growth and management. For more details visit Crunchbase.

According to Patch, Boraie explicitly emphasis on developing appealing projects to both their clients and financers with the aim of creating a lasting professional relationship. They create an avenue for managing their resources and property as a plan to secure the value or ensure value growth of the assets. Managing resources also guarantee that the company keeps every detail and aspect in its continuing activities making it the best development organization for lasting projects.

New Brunswick has a continually rising demand for real estate housing, thus prompting Boraie Company to advertise and always market their development projects to meet the demand. The sales made by the company from its development projects is over 150 million dollars involving both commercial and private transactions. It has created confidence and developed trust with the clients and partners for its exceptional services and development visions. Check out to see more

In conclusion, Sam Boraie has become one of the best real estate broker sought after by New Brunswick residents having recorded the highest sales volume over the past years. The company also boasts of an particularly good reputation earned from its clients and partners.

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