Bringing Ideas to Life One Story at a Time: Bridget Scarr

A passion for life is what drives Bridget Scarr. Her drive to bring ideas to life shows in everything she does. Connecting with large audiences through a variety of media outlets is what Bridget does best. Her over 15 years experience as an executive producer has given her the resources she needs to complete many projects for Colibri Studios.


The combination of resources in content creation is what drives Bridget. For her it is important that she have all the tools available for her projects. She knows that others appreciate having the ability to connect the various tools together in one spot. The joy of developing an idea and utilizing the virtual reality and augmented reality tools to bring those ideas to life is priceless. For example an idea to bring a particular era of history to life really excites her.


Bridget understands that we need to embrace life. She loves the fact that her profession allows her to express her creative juices so freely. She has been involved with children’s projects helping them connect with their past and their future through tactile means. She believes that virtual and augmented reality technology is the wave of the future. Virtual reality stirs emotions and makes history and other subjects come alive.


The creative sphere where Bridget Scarr thrives has created opportunities to bring stories to life for many people. Bridget has some good words of advice for those who are planning to take up the storytelling mantle. The creative field provides many opportunities for those who are willing to work hard and follow some common sense steps.


Creative professionals should expect to be open and eager to learn many different tasks. They should also be willing to do the necessary research on their chosen field. That means that someone who wants to be an executive producer needs to do his/her homework to find out if it’s feasible for them. Bridget likes the freedom that she now has to pursue interesting projects. There are many things to consider such as:

  • Unique aspects of the service you provide
  • Pricing strategies you need to be completive
  • Marketing strategies


Every business needs to establish their brand. This can be in the form of new content, a website and marketing material. It is necessary to think ahead and dream. Bridget knows that communication is a key ingredient in bringing your ideas to life.


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