Bruce Levenson Maintains A Brilliant Career Aside From Team Troubles

While the Atlanta Hawks enjoy a great season, certain legal proceedings are taking place outside of the scope of play. A breach of settlement lawsuit has arisen involving the team’s former general manager. The team’s former manager Danny Ferry is at the heart of civil lawsuit that involves accusations of bad faith practices in regards to the team’s hiring practices.

At the heart of the lawsuit are accusations of wrongful termination and workplace discrimination. This series of lawsuits encompasses a monetary bundle that includes over $18 million in contract specifics. These values include team and manager compensation values stretching as far back into the team’s history as 2012.

Bruce Levenson, former co-owner of the Hawks is cited in these legal proceedings, but maintains a solidly positive profile. His years as owner of the team are evidence that any legal issues are far removed from the team’s official management.

Levenson’s role in the Hawk’s success is unquestioned. Along with a busy schedule in many philanthropic organizations,, like the I Have A Dream Foundation, and the U.S. Holocaust Museum, Bruce Levenson maintains a staunch profile of uprightness and hard work ethics.

The future of the insurance and work environment lawsuit against the Hawks organization is now in legal limbo. Arguments regarding liability are continuing. As this case is wrangled in civil court, the Hawks organization still continues to work toward a title. Former team and ownership members maintain their integrity against all accusations of wrongdoing.

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