Understanding the Impact of Kabbalah Centre on Non-Jewish Celebrities

The Jewish mysticism seems to have become the in-thing for most Hollywood stars. It started with Madonna joining Kabbalah Centre, and several other superstars of a similar genre followed suit. Having been raised as non-Jews, it raises alarm as it is something unusual. In fact, some of these stars have gone ahead to convert to […]

Why Rocketship Education is Changing the learning environment

Why Rocketship Education is Changing the learning environment Shaping the minds of the younger generation determines the direction a nation’s future. That is, of course, an understanding that is inherent within any school community and most schools make effort to cultivate this attitude in their learners Rocketship Education is a non-profit network of public elementary […]

The Wessex Institue of Tecnology-A Golden Gem for the Scientific Community!

The Wessex Institute of Technology (or also known as W.I.T.) is settled in the beautiful landscape of the New Forest National Park in England. It is a dynamic institute that offers high quality Scientific Expertise Training that will catapult the next generation into the 21st Century. The founder and creator of this magnificent institute, Professor […]