Political Donors

End Citizens United Continues the Battle to Remove Dark Money from Politics

It looks to be an unsettling time for many Republicans in the run up to the 2018 midterm elections. Democrats have managed to grab 34 seats in the past year. The unsettling thing is that many of these seats are in voting districts that traditionally vote for the GOP. The tides could be shifting as […]

End Citizens United Involves Grassroots in Campaign Financing

In the areas of politics and public administration, the US has seen tremendous growth since the nation became independent from the colonial rule. The nation has been in the forefront in enhancing democracy, good governance, and democratic representation not only within its borders but also across the globe. Many countries benchmark with the US when […]

End Citizens United Survey Shows Majority of Americans Want Investigation to Russia-Trump Ties

End Citizens United, a prominent PAC which is fighting against unaccounted money into the election process, conducted a survey on Russia-Trump ties and found that more than 61 percent of the U.S. citizens want an investigation on it. The poll was administered by PPP, also found that majority of the people are opposing the sack […]

Dick DeVos Hopes You Vote for Marco Rubio

On March 8, 2016, voters in Michigan will head to the polls for their chance to vote on who should earn the right to run for president. In the past, the DeVos family has endorsed a variety of candidates. After Jeb Bush dropped out of the race, the DeVos family is endorsing Marco Rubio. The […]