Women in Business

The Talented Julie Zuckerberg – Expert in Executive Recruitment

Julie Zuckerberg is an Executive Talent Acquisition Lead for Deutsche Bank. Her tenure at the firm began in April 2014 in their New York City headquarters. Julie looks after recruitment for a varied clientele across the business spectrum. Her coverage areas include Global Technology and Operations, Asset Management, Private Wealth & Commercial Clients. Her numerous […]

Malini Saba: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

Malini Saba is known by many titles such as astute entrepreneur, leading investor, and committed philanthropist. She hails from southern Asia, and she has established a powerful business empire for herself. Most of her businesses are operating on a worldwide scale.   Malini‚Äôs success story inspires confidence in me every time I read it. This […]

From Russia with Love

Doe Deere has been one of the most inspiring young female entrepreneurs in recent memory. Originally from Russia, Doe Deere came to the United States when she was only seventeen years old. She setup roots in the big apple, New York City where she originally had aspirations to be a musician. Doe Deere is an […]

Breaking All The Old Fashion Rules With Doe Deere

Breaking old fashion rules with Doe Deere is fun because she is one of the new queens of modern fashion. Her cosmetics line is called Lime Crime, and she makes the makeup colors that other companies do not have. She is a woman who does not want to follow any of the rules, and she […]

The Super Career of Helane Morrison

Helane Morrison has become a great leader in the advancement for female executives that are trying to break through the glass ceiling. She has become someone that has built a career that is outstanding and worthy of recognition. Helane Morrison measures up against the best as she has relied her skills to make a name […]