“CEO Marc Beer looking for more treatments for Pelvic Floor Disorder “

Marc Beer, who is the CEO of Renovia Inc, develops products for people with problems relating to the pelvic floor. The company has been able to create more treatments for the disorder from funding as it affects many. Women are the most at risk for the pelvic floor disorders and others like The Longwood Fund have joined the effort to treat the disorder. Marc Beer is proud for others joining the effort to help treat the condition that affects millions of women and are hoping to create better technology to both diagnose and treat it. Marc Beer has experience as he lead a company named Aegerion in the past and has been with Renovia for quite some time now. The CEO has been able to raise the money – about $42 million to be exact, to find more available treatments to the disorder. The money will be going towards developing more treatments for the disorder that affects many. Learn more: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/marc-beer


Marc Beer has a lot of experience working in the pharmaceutical and biotechnology business – more than about 25 years to be exact. The individual is the co-founder, chairman, and CEO of Renovia as he founded the company with a couple of other people. Together they have been able to take Renovia to new heights and help find treatments for pelvic floor disorder. Prior to being a part of this company, he was the chief executive officer for Aegerion, which did more of the same as Renovia in finding treatments for rare diseases and delivering therapy to the patients. They together created a couple of medicines to treat some rare diseases with one being called lipodystrophy for example. There is evidence of Marc Beer improving various companies as earlier in his career he was able to take a company named ViaCell to grow and gain more prominence in the world before being bought from another brand. ViaCell was created to research umbilical cord cells. He also has experience in marketing and sales throughout his career and is a graduate of Miami University, having obtained a bachelors.


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