Dr. Mark McKenna: Providing a Familiar Environment and Flexible Schedule

Medical advances happen all the time. A new way to treat a heart problem is discovered or a new medicine for memory is cultivated. It is the way that technology in the medical field works. For many people, they would not consider the implications that smartphone technology could have for the medical field. The article “A Glimpse into What Drives Atlanta Entrepreneur Dr. Mark McKenna” talks about the additional benefits of technology in this arena and how it can be applied to medicine. Dr. Mark McKenna believes that sincere work into application development and medical guidelines can help change the industry in a way that many had never deemed possible.

What motivates Dr. Mark McKenna is his desire to be innovative and change the lives of his patients. While he loves business and real estate just as much as he loves medicine, he has always believed that there is a way to integrate all of these subjects into one meaningful project. His time with his aesthetics company OVME has taught him exactly how he will push for that change. People are busy, and they don’t want to take the time necessary to go in for consultation, especially for an elective procedure. He believes that if he helped streamline the process through a type of video chat through an application service this will allow people to take those steps towards the aesthetic services that they want or need. This conference would allow doctors to consult with the patients about their needs and recommend services.

Dr. Mark McKenna has also interested in using this new technology to help patients schedule home visits with their qualified physicians. He would work with professionals to provide a blanket level of coverage to clients under his care. They could schedule an appointment for outpatient procedures or consultations in the privacy of their own home. This allows them to not only feel as though they have some control over the medical process, but they can relax in the comfort of their own home. What drives Dr. Mark McKenna to continue his work is the thought that his patients will benefit from a more familiar environment and flexible schedule.