End Citizens United Continues the Battle to Remove Dark Money from Politics

It looks to be an unsettling time for many Republicans in the run up to the 2018 midterm elections. Democrats have managed to grab 34 seats in the past year. The unsettling thing is that many of these seats are in voting districts that traditionally vote for the GOP. The tides could be shifting as voters look for individuals who can bridge the nation’s divide and bring people together.

A poll taken by the organization End Citizens United shows that Beto O’Rourke has increasing popularity. His run against Ted Cruz will be a major focal point of the 2018 midterm elections. A Texas win could change the political landscape. End Citizens United has nationwide support, and dedicates itself to removing the influence of dark money in politics. Founded in 2105, End Citizens United is fighting an uphill battle. The influence that money has on politicians is powerful. Visit their page on Facebook.

There are polls that show the margin between Cruz and O’Rourke closing. As such, there may be a few several factors causing the gap to close. The poll taken by End Citizens United seems to indicate that candidate Cruz is getting in his own way. As it stands, close to 61% of Texans still do not know enough about O’Rourke to offer up an informed opinion about his candidacy.

The organization has also conducted surveys that provided insight that reveal the following:

  • Almost three quarters of voters do not like the Supreme Court’s Citizens United decision.
  • The majority of Americans support candidates who oppose Citizens United by two-to-one over those who support Citizens United.
  • A majority of independent voters support the need to reduce the influence of special interest money in politics and government.

End Citizens United is on the watch, and will continue to do everything in their power to right the ship and change the laws that allow dark money to flow into politics and elections.

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