Eric Pulier and His Many Ventures

As one of the leading entrepreneurs in technology, Eric Pulier has created many successful technology-based companies. Some of the best-known companies that he has founded or co-founded are Media Platform, Akana, and Desktone. He first created a company when he was in high school, which was a database computer company. His accomplishments started from a young age and grew from there.

From a young age, Eric Pulier had his eyes set on success and worked his way to achieve all of the many things he has. After graduating high school, Eric Pulier went on to go to Harvard University. While at Harvard he also took classes at MIT. He graduated from Harvard University in 1988 with a degree in English and American Literature. While there he was the editor and a columnist for The Harvard Crimson. Once he graduated from Harvard his career took off and he went on to create and establish a long list of successful companies.

Besides creating companies and businesses he has also gone on to create and be a part of many charitable organizations and philanthropies. ALthogh something that he created, Starbright World is a social media platform for youth who are terminally ill. Through this platform, these children can communicate and share stories with other kids in different locations. He also has donated to and serves on the board for The Painted Turtle which is a summer camp for children who suffer from chronic illness. Eric Pulier has a desire to help those who are in need.More than just a businessman, Eric Pulier is a successful scholar and philanthropist as well. He has no plans to slow down anytime soon and is continuing to create new ventures and find more ways to help those in need.


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