Even When Dealing With A Scandal, You Can Recover And Come Out Better

For just about any person or entity who’ve become famous locally or nationally, the chances are they’re going to face a scandal at some point. In fact, the city of Austin, TX has seen quite a few scandals hit local businessmen over the last couple years and people have had to find ways to mitigate the damage resulting from it. There are several pointers that Darius Fisher, a public relations expert has given to address scandals.

Fisher believes that the best way to address a scandal is not to bury the story behind it, but bring all the details behind it out because transparency is important. Fisher also advocates speaking out to any media inquiries or using social media to address questions right away so that doubts don’t linger in the public eye. And finally, no scandal should be left unaddressed without showing that change has happened and mistakes that were made will not be repeated.

The scandals Status Labs addresses range from all kinds, whether it was a mistake made by someone who mislabeled something on a company product, or something involving an intrapersonal relationship in the workplace. Status Labs employs a team of experts who know the corporate environments very well, and who’ve had experience with crisis management.

While the work Fisher’s company does is highly technical in nature, it stems from his basic philosophy that all humans are prone to mistakes and should not see their career burn just because they made one. After graduating Vanderbilt University, Fisher himself was in the middle of controversy when he was working as part of a political campaign. Fisher took the frustration he experienced from that and built his business up as a way to help anyone from famous athletes, politicians, respected businessmen, and even lesser-known individuals repair their reputation and have positive online search results associated with their name.

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