FreedomPop Offers Me So Much On My Free Service Plan

I used to use FreedomPop for my cell phone service because I read a review of FreedomPop, but my phone broke, and I couldn’t afford another phone at the time. I was on such a tight budget that paying for a phone was not an option, so I went without a phone for a little while until a family member offered me a cell phone and to add me to their service plan. I was on the service plan for a few months until the family member had to go overseas, and they allowed me to keep the phone but cut off the service.

I recently read a new FreedomPop review that stated they now have cell phone service with a sim card, which they didn’t have when I was using the free service on my previous Sprint phone. I was elated because I needed a cell phone but absolutely couldn’t afford to pay for any service at all. I knew that FreedomPop would allow me to have free cell phone service, so I went about purchasing the sim card. I went to the right place that sold me my sim card for only $0.99 and also gave me a free gift.

After I received my sim card in the mail, I was able to start using it with my cell phone, which I had unlocked. I chose the free plan, which meant that I didn’t have to worry about paying anything for the service at all, no matter how long I kept it. Although some things may have changed about the free service, such as the allotment of minutes, data, and text messages, it’s still a great plan. I get 200 minutes of talk time, 200 MB of data, and I get 500 text messages.

Since I’ve added 10 FreedomPop friends, I’ve been upgraded to 700 MB of data each month for free. I have access to Wi-Fi service, which gives me all the top time I need because my phone allows for Wi-Fi calling. The Wi-Fi service is also great when I need additional data on my phone, so I’ve had no problem maintaining the free service. My family member is supposed to come back from overseas, but I decided that I’ll still stay with the FreedomPop service because I’m enjoying it and it’s very cost-effective. I’d recommend that anyone who wants to save a lot of money on cell phone service should always use FreedomPop.


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