From Russia with Love

Doe Deere has been one of the most inspiring young female entrepreneurs in recent memory. Originally from Russia, Doe Deere came to the United States when she was only seventeen years old. She setup roots in the big apple, New York City where she originally had aspirations to be a musician.
Doe Deere is an old soul who isn’t afraid to be who she truly is and wants to be. Doe refers to her fans as “unicorns” because unicorns are different and know who they are. They aren’t afraid of being judged or what people are going to say/think of them. She states that the advice that she has for young people are to follow their dreams and go with their heart.
Although Doe went to New York City to originally pursue music, after attending the Fashion Institute of Technology and majoring in music she soon found out that her passion and true talent was beauty. Doe is a prime example of someone who can truly follow their passion, be exemplary at it, and have fun; All while still being able to be financially successful.
The beauty and cosmetic industry is a multi billion dollar industry in which huge conglomerates have a majority of the market share. This leaves much smaller companies to either be completely put out of business or acquired for pennies on the dollar. With the age of the Internet and technology however, this has allowed for Doe to create a very specific niche with Lime Crime and to acquire almost a cult like following of loyal fans. Find Deere on LinkedIn.
The beauty industry is such a large industry in which one only needs a sliver of market share to be successful and to “keep the lights on”. In order to do this however, one has to differentiate themselves from others. Doe does this by showing her fans and anyone else who will listen that she doesn’t care if she’s extreme or “too different”. She’s not afraid to be a trend setter or to set the new fashion tone.
With people like Doe Deere adding to a fresh new perspective to the beauty industry, the future is bright not only for entrepreneurs like her but for fans of the industry always on the lookout for a fresh perspective.


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    It was while living in New York and being part of a band where she actually met her current husband while they were both trying to launch their music careers. In fact, she actually embraces the challenge and looks forward to it. I also know that reviews can have as much effect as they would need all along.

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