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Open Society Foundations runs its operations in nearly a hundred countries around the world. This organization is funded by George Soros, an established hedge fund billionaire. The activities of Open Society Foundation have attracted the attention of different parties including politicians, government heads, and activists.

Open Society Foundations funds different organization in Europe. Some of these organization deal with political and democracy matters. Currently, there are political tensions in Ukraine and Greece. Open Society Foundations is actively involved in these countries. The organization seeks to help the responsible parties in restoring political stability, and democracy.

The activities of Open Society Foundations on have also attracted the attention of envious parties. These are individuals who want to use the organization’s respectable reputation for their personal gains. Recently, James O’Keefe was caught on a phone recording trying to penetrate the operations of Open Society Foundations using a fake name. About the phone records, James O’Keefe motivation to join the Open Society Foundation was fueled by malicious interests. In the context, it is clear that the American political elite are looking for various ways to penetrate into European matters without being noticed.

George Soros

George Soros is the power behind Open Society Foundation. He is the founder and Chairman of this outstanding organization. He is an established and well-known hedge fund mogul. George Soros began his philanthropic work a long time ago. In 1979, he started giving potential South African students scholarships. At that point, South Africa was still under apartheid rule. The move to give students scholarships was a constructive way of fighting the apartheid rule in South Africa. From South Africa, George Soros also helped in establishing the Central European University. Establishing the University was a creative way to promote critical thinking and association among Europeans. He played a central role in bringing political stability in Europe after the Berlin Wall came down. Through his Open Society Foundations, George Soros has played a central role in bringing transparency, and accountability in the political, economic and education sectors across the globe.

Open Society Foundations

Open Society Foundations has played a central role in bringing political stability in different countries across the globe. In recent times, the organization has fought tirelessly to bring back political stability in Ukraine. For some time now, Russia has been unleashing its hostility to Ukraine. The attempted hostile takeover by Russia destabilized Ukraine politically and economy wise. Open Society Foundations has played a significant role in the rebranding of Ukraine. The organization has helped in restoring political stabilities in other areas like Roma and Greece.

The organization gives out scholarships to needy students in different countries across the world. These scholarships give disadvantaged students the opportunity to transform their lives through education. Open Society Foundations has transformed countries like South Africa and Roma through education scholarships. It is logical to state that this organization impacts the world positively in diverse ways.

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