Gerge Soros the Stocks Market Guru

George Soros is Budapest Born which is located in the Kingdom of Hungary. He was from a Jewish family and was a son of a lawyer. Soros was brought up during war periods and made it to where he is despite challenges. He survived a war by name siege of Budapest in the year 1945. After two years from 1945, their family immigrated to England and then joined the London School of Economics. He studied philosophy Soros worked as a waiter and a railway porter. He used to receive #40 from a Quaker Charity. In the year 1951, George Soros graduated with a Bachelor of Science degree in Philosophy. In 1954, he graduated with masters in Philosophy from the same University, i.e. London School of Economics.George Soros, after graduating, started tarmacking in search of a job. It was so difficult for him and found himself settling as a traveling salesman despite his philosophy degree. He sold fancy goods to retailers and as he says, that was the lowest moment of his life.

He wrote hundreds of applications letters looking for jobs but luck was not his part. He later, in the year 1954 began as a finance assistant at Singer & Friedlander of London. He started with the role of a clerk. He later moved to F.M. Mayer in the year 1954. He specialized in stocks and basically European. In the year 1959, Soros joined another company by name Wertheim & Co. He became an analyst of European securities and worked until 1963. His goal was to save $500,000 so that he could return to England to advance his Philosophy studies. Soros during his 5 years tenure, he developed a theory called reflexivity that was based on the ideas of the great Karl Popper. He kept on growing in his career until the year 1963 to 1973 when he joined Arnhold and S. Bleichroeder as the vice president.

He started by investing his money to test his strategies that started with a fund worth $100,000. In the year 1969, he set up Double Edge a hedge fund and had $4m of investors capital that included $250,000 of his own capital.George Soros after working for many years as an employee, he decided to form a company by name Soros Fund Management and automatically became the company’s chairman. He resigned from the Double Edge Fund board because of the conflicts of interests. He later formed Soros Fund and transferred some of the Double Edge managers’ shares to the company. Later the company changed its name to Quantum Fund.In the year 2017 February, Forbes magazine listed George Soros name as the 19th richest man in the whole World. He is the World’s known hedge fund manager. He has become a famous philanthropist and has helped so many students join the school. He has also worked with many civil society groups across the globe.