Get To Know More about Wes Edens and His Leadership Skills

Everyone looks forward to having an impressive profile since this would make the up-climbing task easier in any career. However, a high profile doesn’t just come. Someone works hard for it and it doesn’t disappoint. This is what Wes Edens would also tell you. The profile Wes Edens has is extremely impressive. Edens has been a reputable and experienced investment banker for many years before he even became a venture capitalist. He is known to have started the Fortress Investment Group around 1998. The Investment Group is effective in executing different investment strategies from many private clients and institutional investors in most parts of the world. The group is mainly interested in traditional asset management, private equity, liquid markets and also credit.According to Edens, the Investment Group started with about 30 employees and the capital then was about $400 million. Today, the company has grown tremendously and its name has become greater. The company has over 1200 employee now and its asset worth is $72 billion. As a fair and shrewd leader, Edens has become highly respected in the world of business. He is one person with a good track record because he builds, improves and expands all the businesses he manages to manage, invest in or even buy. Edens has a broad reach when it comes to economic growth, infrastructural development, and sports.

In every interview he gets, he has always proved to be friendly and open. He was at the Lehman Brothers where he passionately worked at the trading desk. His main role was to help people know how to invest in securities since he knew how securities could shape the future of many people. When he left Lehman Brothers, he went to work at Black Rock and he left an undeniable impact. Although it was a management company that was just small, he ensured it grew and became bigger. He ensured the friendship he cultivated at these companies lasted long and became productive in many ways. After working in these companies and making great achievements, Wes decided to take a logical step of starting his own company.

Wes says that whenever they go into any country to invest, they look into some critical factors such as regulatory framework and legal framework. He is also keen to ensure that whatever he delivers in that country is of indisputable value. He is keen on ensuring that he assists businesses to know the mechanisms they can use to reduce energy fuels. He notes that businesses would save more on energy if they used natural gas instead of burning heavy fuels. Wes is someone who has held different positions such as chairing the Board of Directors at Fortress Investment Group since 2014. He was also the chair of directors at Newcastle Investment Corp. All the alternative investment businesses traded at Fortress and the private equity traded are as a result of his efforts. He is also the Chairman of Board of Directors in different companies such as Fortress Infrastructure Investors, Mapeley Limited, Intrawest Resorts Holdings, and New Media Investment Group.