Hippeas: Livio Bisterzo

Livio Bisterzo, originally from Italy, is a Los Angeles based entrepreneur and CEO of Green Park Brands. Armed with a degree from the University of the Arts London in Business and Management in Fashion, Bisterzo’s love of healthy eating, exercise and sports, design and bringing people together has fused into his latest entrepreneurial adventure with Green Park Brands and HIPPEAS.

HIPPEAS are an organic chickpea puff, coming in a variety of flavors. Chickpeas release nitrogen into the soil, which make them a farming asset. HIPPEAS partners with Farm Africa, which supports chickpea farmers in third world countries farm their way out of poverty. The healthy nature of the chickpea snack paired with helping other nations grow their way out of poverty and providing a snack that is packaged in bold colors and design is the perfect blend of Bisterzo’s values and what makes him a unique contender in the snack food market.

Green Park Brands focuses on producing food and beverages that are “better for you” in every sense. Not only are the foods produced healthy in nature, but Bisterzo wants the company to focus on the social impact of what they do. His hope and mission is to promote social and cultural change through his products, with HIPPEAS being the forerunner of the company.

Bisterzo has created and helped launched hospitality, consumer and lifestyle businesses throughout his career. He is married, with three children and has always had a passion to become an entrepreneur since college. Bisterzo’s acquisition of Danish beverage brand Little Miracles has garnered him several international awards and is still showing signs of success as it is distributed in 18 countries.

Investing in, creating and marketing new food brands has led to a successful career for Livio Bisterzo and his current company, Green Park Brands, is just the latest of his success stories. Time will only tell what innovations Bisterzo and his “better for you” brands will come up with next, but it is safe to say that they will make a positive impact on the food industry and the world we live in.

Find more about Livio Bisterzo: https://www.crunchbase.com/person/livio-bisterzo#/entity


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