How Waiakea Water Is Different From Other Brands

When the bottled water industry started many people questioned why the would ever buy water at the grocery store. After all, it costs virtually nothing to get water from a tap. However many people have come to really love bottled water and there are now many brands in this still-growing industry.

Because there are so many brands of bottled water the companies behind them try to make their brands stand out in a number of ways. This can include labels that stand out on the shelf or a really clever tagline. Some add vitamins and minerals to their water while others tout that their water has these naturally. Some also point to their unique filtration process or take a different tack entirely.

Waiakea Water stands out because it is literally Hawaiian volcanic water. Water that falls on Mauna Loa volcano in the form of both rain and snow. It then seeps down through around 14,000 feet of rock and is collected. The volcanic water benefits include being a natural source of healthy minerals, electrolytes, and at 8.8 PH alkalinity it is a very healthy drink.

One of the problems with the bottled water industry, as many people have pointed out, is all the plastic bottles that far too often end up in the trash or thrown on the ground. Unfortunately, many of these end up in the ocean where they are extremely harmful to sea life. Waiakea Water is striving to fix this situation. First, their bottles are made from 100% recycled materials. Secondly, they have started to add a substance to the plastic that helps their bottles naturally break down in a decade and a half rather than taking 1,500 years to do so otherwise.

Waiakea Water has won a number of industry awards since the company was founded in 2012. Among these is the Food and Beverage Innovation Award which was presented to them by the National Restaurant Association. The tv morning program Good Morning America named Waiakea Water as one of their Top 10 Most Innovative Companies Out There. Also, the Berkeley Springs International Water Tasting organization called this company out for Best Packaging.