How Whitney Wolfe Is An Example Of What Led To Feminism

People have a lot of thoughts about feminism. One thing that is to be said about feminism is that it is one of many groups that have been formed as an answer to injustice and oppression. Basically, it is a way to say that enough is enough. Usually, the person or group that suffers patiently as another group continuously hurts them in some way decides that enough is enough. These people typically realize that the only way that they are going to get the respect they need is if they find a way to take it. This often happens after things come to a head This is a story that Whitney Wolfe understands.

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Whitney Wolfe herself has gone through points in her life where she was taken advantage of. She was respectful even though she was being treated unjustly. However, things came to a head to her which resulted in her not being a part of Tinder anymore. She was a co-founder of Tinder. She has processed the trauma and then decided to move forward with a new project. This project was not just for her but for women, especially those that have gone through some injustice. She wanted to empower women and let them know that it is okay for them to stand up for their rights.

The success of Whitney Wolfe as the CEO of Bumble has led some people to try and buy her out. However, she has stood her ground and demanded that she have what is rightfully hers. One thing that she has learned was that sometimes, it is important to fight. When The Match Group has decided to take her on in court, she has decided to come in swinging letting them know that she is not going to let them bully her. She understands that some people have too much power. All Whitney Wolfe wants is for everything to be balanced between men and women.