Increased Assistance For Refugees Under Plan From George Soros

The billionaire hedge fund manager George Soros has recently released an essay published by CNBC detailing how he would handle the refugee crisis that is sweeping across the European Union. A combination of terror and lack of economic advancement have combined to push thousands of migrants from the Middle East into Europe at a rate the continent is struggling to cope with; George Soros believes the use of Greece as a form of holding pen for refugees is bringing increased problems to the debt ridden nation and the continent wide political group.

The European Union has been the source of much concern for George Soros in recent months as he splits his time between examining the political problems on facing the continent and the U.S. Presidential elections. Soros has been a major supporter of liberal groups throughout his life, which was affected by his imprisonment in a Nazi concentration camp during World War II.

During his career George Soros made his name by taking a number of calculated risks based on his knowledge of the way the global economy was headed; perhaps the most famous moment for Soros was his role in the 1992 devaluation of the British Pound.

The influx of refugees into the European Union has been of great concern to George Soros who has spent a large amount of the last few years warning of the potential collapse on of the EU because of mismanagement. Soros explains in his essay that the latest deal struck between Germany and Turkey will not prove a success because it continues the trend of German Chancellor Angela Merkel scraping together enough funds to defeat the problem being faced in the short term. George Soros believes it is possible to fund the influx of refugees at levels reaching 500,000 new arrivals each year with little impact on the level of debt each European Union member state will have to cope with.


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