Jose Auriemo Neto is an Investment Genius

Jose Auriemo Neto recently made the investment of a lifetime when he purchased property on the famous 5th Avenue in New York City. Jose is so committed to this investment that he actually moved his entire family out to New York City while his investment property begins to take shape. His children are already set to start school in New York in September, so it’s obvious that Jose plans on staying in New York for a while.

Jose’s investment property is going to be turned into apartments, and there may be close to 100 of them or more. Each apartment will be overlooking Central Park and other beautiful New York City landmarks. All of these apartments are going to have top of the line appliances and more, and Jose is going to include all utilities for his tenants, too. In fact, the apartments are not even built yet and Jose already has a waiting list on file. To know more about him click here.

The only difference with these apartments is that they will be strictly for rent. Jose is not going to sell a single apartment, regardless of the amount he is offered. Jose believes he is going to make more money in the long-run by renting the apartments. Additionally, Jose is keeping this as an investment, so he wants his money to continue to grow as a result of tenants paying rent every month.

Jose has stated when he and his family will be going back to Brazil. In fact, there are roomers that Jose will not go back at all because he and his family have fallen in love with New York City.