Matthew Autterson: Advisor at WIN Wealth Management

The art and Science of managing money by spending it on acquiring assets e.g. Stocks and bonds among other types of securities and real estates are known as Investment Management or Financial services. This field is headed by the fund manager also known as the investment or portfolio managers who use their skills and expertise to compete in the field. The investment management field is dependent on how the markets work, and more often than not markets fluctuate from time to time. Therefore, the investment management process involves analyzing the different market segments to determine which market will outperform the other. Timing as the investment managers put it, is an important aspect in realizing profits.

Some of the financial institutions that have done well and benefited in the field include: UBS wealth Management, Citigroup global Markets, Wells Fargo Company, Bank of America Global Wealth Investment Management, and Rockefeller Financial just to mention but a few. The secret behind these companies success is the fact that they have maintained consistency in their business models and core values. This creates a sense of trust between the clients’ and the firms. The firms have been able to hold the top positions because of their ability to make the clients’ goals and their own objectives. By internalizing their clients’ goals and objectives they are able to strive and put in their efforts to achieve the goals as their own.

Matthew Autterson, alumni of Buena Vista University is a successful businessman who has been able to create a fortune through investment management. He currently works at WIN Wealth Management as the wealth advisor where he assists clients achieves their goals and objectives through well thought and guided investment. Besides being an advisor at WIN Wealth, he is a member of the Board of Directors at Falci Adaptive Biosystems. He has a background in Accounting with a minor in Finance. Matthew Autterson has over two decades of experience in accounting, investment, and finance making him reliable and the right person to talk to when it comes to investment matters.

Matthew Autterson hails from Denver, Colorado, where he and his wife Lois and children live. At some point he was a practicing Certified Public Accountant lecturer of Finance at North Lowa Community College.