Organo is a Leader in Global Networking and Growing

Bernardo Chua, founder and CEO of Organo, has reached 59th place on the international direct sales list, and it is growing. The superior gourmet coffee club has a new, fresh concept when it comes to enjoying coffee. Organo promotes the amazing benefits of Ganoderma by infusing all the coffees, herbal teas and other hot beverages with this nutritious super-herb. Read more at about Organo Gold.

Organo Gold was founded in 2008 when Mr. Chua first created Ganoderma-infused Columbian coffee in order to allow more people to receive the incredible health benefits. He closed his first company, Gano Excel, in 2004, and now devotes all his time and energy to his successful and innovative networking company, Organo, his life’s mission.

Ganoderma is a mushroom that grows in the Asian Mountains. Bernardo was born in the Philippines, and his mother brought the Ganoderma from China where it was considered an ancient Chinese medicine called the King of the Herbs and the “mushroom of immortality” for over 2,000 years. Scientists in recent years have discovered the many nutritional qualities and benefits that are in the Ganoderma and call it a super-herb.

Recent research has proven that Ganoderma provides autoimmune support with super antioxidant properties, has been proven to prevent the growth of cancer cells, assists in recovery from chemotherapy, aids in the digestive system and also improves cardiovascular health. Chua obtains high-quality Ganoderma from Asia and infuses it with rich, Columbian coffee, herbal teas, and hot chocolate; it is also sold in supplement form.


Bernardo grew up experiencing the amazing benefits of this mushroom, including the anti-inflammatory, antioxidant and the many essential vitamins it provides. Mr. Chua is a strategic direct sales businessman, and today, Organo is in 50 countries with over one million distributors, and also sells natural skin creams and lotions.

Organo, which is named because it is produced with 100 percent organic ingredients, and is minimally processed and growing rapidly. Through networking and direct sales techniques, Organo is becoming extremely popular in many areas. Headquartered in British Columbia, Mr. Chua stays connected to his global team through social media, where he regularly posts tips on strategic sales techniques and Ganoderma and its benefits. Bernardo Chua is a strategic businessman who continually keeps his staff updated with the most recent information, and the company continues to expand. Follow Organo Gold on