OSI Industries Crowns Worldwide Expansion With The Globe Of Honour Award (2016)

OSI Industries, the world leader in the production of quality products in the food industries, recently won the British Safety Council 2016 Globe of Honour award. The award came as a crown of the company’s decades-long work towards enhancing the environmental awareness in the food industry. Understanding that the food industry is the world’s leading contributor to environmental problems, OSI industries employed the cutting-edge eco-strategies in the long history of their existence.

Owning facilities across the globe, OSI Industries built their reputation on quality production of products and custom solutions in the industry of food. Their primary focus on producing frozen foods, such as poultry. The group supplied significant food chains with quality food solutions, and is now expanding its influence broader than the U.S. purchasing companies and facilities across Europe and China, the group provided a vast number of staff members with employment and ensured careers of thousands of talented individuals looking to build a career in the food industry.

OSI Industries made its way to expanding further to Europe, with purchasing Bahoo Food. Bahoo Food is a Dutch convenience foods provider. The brand also produces deli goods and snacks, which will have a broadening impact on the PSI group’s range of products.

Recently, OSI Industries purchased Tyson Foods for the price of $7.4 million, saving the jobs of over 250 employees. The Tyson Foods was on the verge of shutting down, but with the recent purchase, will proceed to operate with its usual capacity. The purchase served to strengthen the OSI Industries brand while preserving the Tyson Foods brand and the future of its employees.

The group recently acquired Flagship Europe, the company catering to the U.K. market. Flagship Europe produces sauces, dressings, pies and frozen poultry to the U.K. market. The purchase will further broaden the group’s product offering and ensure employment for hundreds of the facility’s employees.

Before purchasing Europe-based brand facilities, OSI Industries expanded their operation to China, where the world’s leading frozen goods supplier opened a dozen plants, employing a vast number of workers. Understanding that China is the world’s fastest-growing market, OSI industries focused their efforts and managed to build a strong brand name and presence within the Chinese market. The presence in the Chinese market has so far enforced the brand’s influence and profits worldwide.

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