Paul Mampilly- Founder of Profits unlimited Newsletter

Pau Mampilly is one of the best investment advisers that you can come across today. He is a man who has been through it all in this field. He has been from the bottom to the top of the financial sector and therefore knows some of the good opportunities that need to be exploited. He has made decisions which have seen him make huge returns. He has made investments which have broken the record. In 2006 while working as a hedge fund manager for an organization known as Kinetics Asset Management, Paul Mampilly helped them become the best hedge fund manager after turning $5 billion investment to $26 billion. The Barrons even featured the hedge fund.

Paul Mampilly has a good name in the Wall Street. He is a man who has beaten every other trader in the industry to earn the Templeton Foundation Award. The award was from a competition which brought the best traders in Wall Street together. Each one was given a $50 million investment. The money was traded during the 2008 financial crisis. Mampilly emerged the winner after he managed to create $88 million from the investment. He won the competition and was declared the best trader in Wall Street.

Paul Mampilly went on to work for other organizations in the Wall Street, but it reached a point where he felt that he could no longer be in the Wall Street. He needed a different environment to get things done. He was no longer interested in the billions in the Wall Street; his concern was the millions of Americans who are unable to make ends meet and cannot make good investment choices. As an experienced trader and investors, he decided that his knowledge would be used to bring information to the people. He could pick some great stock opportunities which could help the people who followed him make some money.

Currently, Paul Mampilly is working through the Profits Unlimited newsletter, a publication he makes through the Banyan Hill Publishing where he is working as a senior editor. This is the newsletter for people who would like to make the right investment decisions.

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