Phenomenon Partnership Between Capital Research Management And Samsung Asset Management

Timothy Armour came to the face of the earth fifty-seven years ago. Currently, he holds the senior-most positions in Capital Research and Management Company that include Chairman, Director and the Principal Executive Officer. He has immense experience in investment management.

Before starting his career, Tim went to Middlebury College in Vermont, United States. He graduated with a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics. Middlebury is an esteemed college as it has a presence in almost all US states as well as in over seventy nations globally. After earning his first degree, he proceeded to Columbia University for his Master’s degree.

Timothy Armour gathered his working experience in organizations he worked before joining Capital Research Management. He was an analyst in equity investment in the Capital Company. He offered his services to various US-based organizations. Tim was the senior vice president of American mutual fund for over 20 years as well as the fund manager in Scotia Capital prior to his current position in capital management. Besides, he is still the Chairman and CEO of the Capital Group of Companies Inc.

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Due to his experience in the investment field, Timothy has been an ardent member of the Capital Group Of Company’s board among others.

Timothy led his organization to the formation of a merger with Korea’s giant company; Samsung. The fundamental objective of the partnership was to come up with retirement and asset allocation solutions to their customers. Each of the partners brought different skills and expatriate in the business. Tim’s firm brought in capital, client and business management skills. Samsung was greatly interested in the partnership with Capital Management. Samsung was optimistic that the merger would catapult their asset management to greater heights before 2020.

During partnership formation, both organizations contributed significant capital towards the development of retirement solutions as well as the allocation of assets. Capital research and asset management and Samsung asset management own $1.4trillion and $166billion respectively. This amount was own assets under management.

Tim was very optimistic about this partnership as he reckoned that the partnership would help them to provide their Korean investors with the best retirement, savings, and insurance needs.