Richard Liu Qiandong, a dignified businessman

Richard Liu Qiandong is a Chinese businessman that has undertaken some activities in the technology sector as well as in the health industry. He is a soft-spoken man who is goal oriented that has seen the companies that he has worked with achieve massive success.

Richard Liu is a graduate of social from the high-status University of Beijing known as Renmin. During his time as a student, Richard Liu learned of programming and used his skills as a proficient coder to carry out freelance online work. He then went on to acquire an MBA from the China Europe International School. Japan life then hired Richard Liu due to his over the top performance, and he served in some positions including being the director of business and computers.

Richard Liu then started his shop known as Jing dong that indulged in the selling of magneto-optical devices. It was a physical store that retailed its goods and products directly to its customers until the year two thousand and three when SARS outbreak forced him to close the now grown business consisting of twelve shops. The crisis from the outbreak necessitated that the staff and customers remain at home which led to Richard Liu to start thinking of an alternative to prevent his business from collapsing. Jing-dong as an online store was then born in two thousand and four to sell quality consumer goods as well as electronics.

Richard Liu attributes the success of his business to selling quality goods as compared to some of their competitors who sell counterfeit goods too. Additionally, he says that having a proper receipt and invoice system has been vital to the success of his business. Richard Liu admits that the journey to ensuring that Jingdong has all commodities has been a strenuous one and has taken six years for the company to be able to sell a wide range of goods. Jing-dong has partnered with some companies in its entourage for success like WeChat that pledged to promote it on its social network.

In conclusion, Richard Liu Qiandong is a successful man that has brought significant changes to the online world. He is a pioneer to e-commerce and has undoubtedly brought ease to buying and selling of goods globally.

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