‘Riverdale’ Star Dances in the Chainsmokers ‘Side Effects’ Video

A hotel employee surprisingly dances in the new hit song by the Chainsmokers labeled ‘side effects which features Emily Warren. At the start of the video, the hotel employee receives a call from the boss informing her that she has to work on the weekend. Instead of hunkering down, the employee’s character comes out and she rips off the uniform and joins a Chainsmokers bubbly dance pop at the neon-lit hotel.

“Side effects” is now the fifth song in the 2018 hot releases by the duo following the “you owe me”, Sick boy, “Everybody hates me,” as well as “somebody” among others. The duo is now working on the sick boy album which will be released soon and it will follow the previous hot hit labeled, “memories….do not open”.

The duo will be having successive U.S concerts in August, September as well as in October. These include their incredible August 26th gig to be held at XS Nightclub, Las Vegas, Nevada.

You Need To Get Used To the Chainsmokers

What does the media attention mean to this duo? The attention gives the duo bigger festival gigs, collaboration, and probably bigger endorsements. Nevertheless, the duo could continue with the big label, Dj Path for an extensive time, but it could be possible that they may aim for a more mainstreams success brand than the previous phenomenon such as Skrillex, Avicii or even Calvin Harris.

While the duo slightly missed out on the 2016 Forbes list of the top-earning DJs, most promoters suggest that the booking fees for the group should double in the next few years. That will make them great contenders in this year’s rankings on Forbes.

According to one of their Las Vegas promoters, The Chainsmokers are approaching the level of the great Calvin Harris. The promoter refused to be mentioned for various competitive reasons. However, he pointed out that not many musicians and artists have gone to the commercial level the duo has achieved so far. He said that the duo is beyond any expectation of any fan, competitor or event promoter.

Upon the release of their new 2018 album, the group will be able to set a great pace for most people in the industry and of course, increase their earnings hence the next EDM mega-earners.