Robert Ivy Takes Architecture to the Masses; Receives Awards

Robert Ivy is the Chief Executive Officer of the American Institute of Architects. He has served the architectural fraternity for long and with an exceptional demonstration of talent and dedication. Consequently, he has been awarded by the Mississippi Institute of Arts and Letters with the Lifetime Achievement Award. The Noel Polk Award is the first to go to an architect since it was initiated. The Award is usually given to the artists of Mississippi who have emboldened the art field with their exceptional artistic creations. The Award was first given to Eudora Welty, a prolific writer in 2001. It has only been given to a handful of artists since its launch.

Robert Ivy; the Architect

When the award was being presented, Robert Ivy was noted by the MIAL representative for his efforts of demystifying architecture and making it easy for the general public to access and use it. Robert has been a prolific writer and analyst with regard to architectural development. He has served as author, commentator, and editor of architectural pieces since he became the CEO of the AIA. Mr. Carl Elefante, who is the President of the prestigious MIAL observed that the award was a symbol of the recognition of the contribution made by Mr. Ivy in the field of architecture and to society in general. Robert was once the Chief Editor of McGraw Hill Company-owned Architectural Record. When he was the editor, Architectural Record gained a lot of readerships and became the best selling journal dedicated to architectural work. It also received a host of awards for its excellence in articulating architectural matters. Mr. Ivy was the man at the helm in the launch of the Mandarin Edition of the Architectural Record in China.

Robert Ivy at AIA

He has been merited for having helped to grow the institute to make a global impact. AIA has attained a record number of memberships since its inception. The AIA has seven chapters around the globe; thanks to the initiative by, Robert. The institute has enabled the American architects to be allowed to practice around the world. The institute has also launched chapters in Canada and China. The Lifetime Achievement Award is not the only one that has come in Ivy’s way. The architect, writer and social progressivism advocate has also been honored by the American Alpha Rho Chi community because he has demonstrated exceptional skills in sharing the value of design to the general public. He is designated Master Architect; a respected title that he only shares with such greats as Richard Buckminster, I.M Fuller, and Mies Van der Rohe.

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