Rocketship Education, Amazing School

Rocketship Education is a great public charter school. This school serves underprivileged elementary school children and and each day. This public charter school has been receiving tons of recognition with in a short period of time because the school has an amazing mission. There mission is to provide the same level and quality education that middle and upper class children are receiving in wealthier neighborhoods. In order to pursue these goals, RocketShip EducTion and their staff members go above and boynd to ensure that children are being taught challenging information each and every day. Rocketship Education has already been named one of the best elementary schools with in the country.

Rocketship Education has about 20 elementary school locations located in America . They serve a large amount of students who are very appreciative of them and all of their great works. Rocketship Education understands that it is hard for students to concentrate and learn properly when they have lots of disorder going on in their home. Many statistics have shown that people who live in lower ass areas typically have more dysfunction than those who live in better neighborhoods.

Because of this, Rocketship Wducation provides their students and the families of the students with an abundant amount of support. Rocketship Education has been known to feed children outside of school, pay different families living expenses , help families find emergency housing, recover from disasters around the world, along with many other life difficulties that may have came their way.

In addition to helping families tremendously, Rocketship Education also allows the parents of the children to be very involved in the classrooms as well as with their educations and every day school lives. This is one of the reasons why Rocketship Education has been able to remain as prestige as they are. Keeping parents involved in the classroom is a great way for parents to feel and stay included in their children’s learning experiences. This also allows the parent to be able to reinforce what their child is being taught at school while st home, which only makes them better learners!