Rodrigo Terpins To Carry On A Legacy Name In The Racing Circuit

Rodrigo Terpins has been one of the most highly skilled, talented drivers in the country of Brazil for quite some time. The career he started within the sports field has kept him spending the majority of his time behind the wheel or working on a car. He has spent plenty of time working on discipline as well as gaining the experience he would need to be an accomplished driver.


Rodrigo Terpins has plenty of family members who are veterans of the racing circuit. For one, Rodrigo’s older brother, Michael was a race car driver. The family has been involved in a sport of some kind for many generations. Rodrigo’s father for one was a basketball player. He has grown up in Brazil and has spent much of his life working on cars while trying to also help others by contributing his time and effort to the rally circuit. You can visit



Rodrigo is working with the T5 Partipacoes for the company as the senior serving director. It has been throughout his time in the business that he has helped them to expand and grow the business. WIth the help of Rodrigo, there has been an extensive change in how the competitions in Brazil go. Check out for more.



Rodrigo Terpins has graduated from the Saint Hilaire University and it was there that he studied hard to learn the skills he needed to be successful in management as well as in corporate governance. Before he was a member of the T5, he was the president for the Lojas Marisa. Even though he held positions within the executive background, he was still working hard to create a career on the outside of the corporate ladder by thriving on the race track.


It was the endless love that he held for the sport which helped him to learn the different levels of terrain and how to use the different terrain types to maneuver around on all different types of competitions. This helped him to earn a level of success unlike any other level he had been on once before.


Rodrigo has always been very open about how much he owes to his family for achieving a level of success and for teaching him how to be the better driver. The name is something that means something in Brazil and it is the same name that will be heard throughout Brazil for many years to come as he continues to make headlines in the rally racing circuit.



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