Securus Technologies: Handling a New Business Unit

Securus Technologies is a technology company based in the United States, and they have been doing communications related business for the past few decades. They are servicing more than 3,000 correctional facilities in the United States and Canada, and more than one million inmates are relying on their products and services to contact their loved ones outside the premises of the prison they are in. Securus Technologies has been expanding their business in the past few years to include new industries and business unit, and one of the latest acquisitions made by the company is their acquisition of GovPayNet, a payment processing company that accepts major debit and credit cards to make payments addressed to government agencies in the United States.


GovPayNet was established in 1997, and they have been partnering with more than 2,300 agencies which are connected with law enforcement. They are being used by the public to pay for bail payments and other fees and fines acquired by the accused. The acquisition of GovPayNet is seen as a bold move by Securus Technologies to focus more on their payment processing services, and they are hoping that the inmates who have an account with them would be able to use the features in the future. GovPayNet is being used in more than 26% of the counties in the United States. According to the current CEO of Securus Technologies, they are hoping to expand the payment processing platform to more counties, and they are targeting a 40 million annual transaction after they acquired the company.


Securus Technologies and GovPayNet will make sure that their services will be available to everyone in the United States. They are already encouraging the people to use the online portal frequently because it is faster and more convenient. The executives at GovPayNet stated that their decision to be acquired by Securus Technologies is one of the best decisions they have made.