Slyce Inc. Brings New Technologies To The Market

There have been several improvements to it’s existing visual search platform as well as other features which were packaged a long side the existing platform. These were announcements made by Slyce Inc. in their annual yearly report which was featured on the Yahoo Finance page.

One of the features that were added is the 2 Dimensional Content Management System. This system was integrated alongside the Universal Scanner which was officially launched in October of 2015. This added feature of 2D content management allowed the user to detect images in printed media format such as in-store signage, flyers and catalogues. This detection is performed on the mobile device used to capture the image and is then matched against existing pre-indexed image data. This is one to one image matching. In this case the content management is done on a campaign basis where content is added on an ongoing manner without the need to update the client app or website. All the client has to do is send in the print material that needs to be digitalized and it is then added seamlessly to the existing database without the need for further client action.

Another proprietary technology launched on the 4th of August 2015 was known as the Enterprise Level Coupon Management Platform or Coupon Author. Visual search technology was only available for retailers and allowed them to create coupons that could be redeemed via mobile hardware by the customer. The customer also had the ability to find as well as save these coupons for later use. It gave the retailer the chance to distribute coupons on a large scale and made them instantly accessible. The retailer could also target certain consumer groups through this technology in regard to the consumers loyalty or brand affinity. This technology is currently being used by toy store giant Toys R Us as well as BazaarVoice to power their online mobile coupon program.


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    This makes the whole process very simple and straight forward without the need to continuously update the applications or websites used by the clients. I can say that writing help will do a lot of good than harm to these ones and they can sense it too from far.

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