Strong Work Ethic and Intelligence: How Antony Petrello Keeps his Workplace Humming

Like many other prominent leaders, Anthony (Tony) Petrello had a humble beginning. He was born and brought up in a working-class, Italian neighborhood in Newark, New Jersey. His parents were not wealthy, and he did not have the best tutors in the world to give him the best education. In Newark, people work tooth and nail to make ends meet. Despite the hardships in Newark, the neighborhood is known for its strong culture of honor and work ethics. In Newark, hard work is praised, lying is shunned, and honesty is highly valued. These values were instilled in Anthony Petrello and have kept him going even long after he left the neighborhood.

Anthony Petrello understood from an early age that success is not simply handed to anyone, he had to achieve it. After he knew how to read, he started studying academic textbooks. At an early age, Tony exhibited mathematical intelligence possessed by fully trained logicians and physicist. Due to his prowess in mathematics, Tony was awarded a full-scholarship at the Yale University. His brilliance was recognized by Serge Lang, a famous mathematical theorist. Anthony Petrello lost his passion in maths and switched his career to human sciences, and joined the Harvard Law School and more information click here.

Petrello spent the first two decades of his life pursuing formal education. He married his college girlfriend soon after his post-graduate studies. Tony pursued many jobs before joining Nabors Industries. He held various positions before becoming the CEO of the firm. Tony is a great business leader. He despises business leaders who get high revenue at the cost of the average worker. His contract with Nabors Industries specifies that 80% of his earning is based on the total revenue of the company. Thus, if the company performs poorly, his income lowers and resume him.

Tony is an active philanthropist and always makes efforts to give back to the society. Tony and his wife donate millions of dollars to organizations each year. His leadership at Nabors has created many job opportunities in oil-producing areas of the United States. The company owns over 1,050 rigs that provide well-paying jobs to more than 100,000 people and learn more about Anthony.

Tony Petrello attributes his success from help of his colleagues and the endless sacrifices of his family.

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