Talk Fusion and Huffpost

Talk Fusion is the first marketing company to have all-in-one video solutions so that e-mails and other business things can be more engaging and therefore more persuasive, which in turn helps to make a profit. This innovative company, headed by CEO Bob Reina, stays devoted to helping others succeed which is clear when reading Reina’s great articles on Huffpost including his newest entitled “How to Thrive in a Society of Quitters.”


As Huffington goes through a rebranding with more technology and video marketing, Reina’s articles become ever more popular as the tide shifts in his direction. Huffington’s mission is very similar to that of Talk Fusion with the main focus being about helping people whether they are entrepreneurs that need that extra leg-up or some advice on self-development. Learn more:


Talk Fusion has done well because Reina is one of a handful of people that can keep pushing until he reaches the top. This is one of the things that make him the great leader he is. Talk Fusion is also very committed to many charities to “give back” to family, friends, and community. This includes children, animals, even a music school! Since it was founded in 2007, Talk Fusion has been growing in 140 different countries and has also received an award in 2016 for both Communications Solutions and WebRTC Product of the Year.


The platform makes it easy and affordable to do any number of things like live chat, video newsletters, or even video e-mail. The greatest thing about Talk Fusion is the way you can complete all your business needs in one place rather than jumping from one website to the next. One more thing, there is an easy opportunity to help market Talk Fusion and you get paid instantly with one sale of Talk Fusion.