Ted Bauman Is An Economist That Fights For The Litte Guy

Ted Bauman has earned his degree in economics as well as his MBA in finances throughout the course of his career, even though the majority of it was spent overseas. Ted was born in Washington D.C. but relocated to South Africa not too long after completed his high school education. In South Africa, Ted Bauman completed his economics degree and went on to helping non-profit non-governmental organizations throughout the country and abroad. Ted spent many years traveling throughout South Africa, the Middle East, and Asia trying to fight for the little guy. In other parts of the world, corporations can have extreme levels of control over the population and the potential opportunities available to them.

Ted has dedicated the majority of his life to helping others live better lives and become more successful and the same holds true today. Ted Bauman is actively advising in the financial industry through his current position at Banyan Hill, a leading financialist resource. Ted Bauman is dedicated to improving the economy, which means helping today’s generation become more educated and determined to push past their boundaries and the control that major corporations around the world have. Despite the major players in the market, there are many developing opportunities in the investment industry.

Ted is always giving out his best advice and he regularly advocates that any investor keeps things close to the vest. When it comes to physical assets, always keep them safe and stored in a lockbox that is fireproof and waterproof as well. Although Ted has personally never had to deal with stolen assets, he has had colleagues and relatives who have experienced this, which can have a huge impact on an individuals career, not to mention their livelihood. Ted Bauman is the lead author for the Bauman Letter at Banyan Hill, which is easily one of the most read newsletters at Banyan Hill today.