The Awe-Inspiring Business And Academic Career Of Dr. Mark McKenna

Most people that pursue the career of a physician licensed to practice in the United States complete a bachelor’s degree related to science, which typically takes four years, after which most people then enroll in medical school to earn either a medical doctorate or doctorate of osteopathic medicine degree. Both of the following programs take yet another four years.

Seeing as medical school is the most difficult program to gain admission to, most people pour their proverbial hearts and souls into both the application process and those programs’ four years’ worth of coursework.

However, some exceptional students seek out both a medical doctorate and a master’s of business administration at the same time.

Dr. Mark McKenna was one of those exceptional students – though simply describing him as “exceptional” is not giving him the credit he deserves – when he attended Louisiana’s own Tulane University Medical School and the university’s Business School simultaneously. Dr. Mark McKenna graduated from the dual-professional-degree program in 1999.

When most people complete four years of undergraduate coursework after trying to earn 120 credit hours‘ worth of A’s, build their resumes higher than the Tower of Babylon with various accomplishments, then make it through four of the hardest academic years across all of academia – medical school – they typically start working as physicians.

However, Dr. Mark McKenna did the opposite. Rather than flexing the power of his medical doctorate degree, Dr. Mark McKenna created a real estate firm in the capital of his home state of Louisiana, New Orleans.

After six years of consistently hitting astronomical, record-setting targets, Dr. Mark McKenna’s real estate practice was torn to the ground and spread throughout the state of Louisiana by Hurricane Katrina’s almighty power.

Following the wake of Hurricane Katrina, Dr. Mark McKennsa decided not to roll the dice any longer in regards to operating a business in an area so prone to major weather event damage. He moved to Atlanta, Georgia, and created a business called ShapeMed in 2007.

Today, McKenna is solely dedicated to the healthcare provider location finder mobile app, OVME.