The Exciting Life of Don Ressler

One of the most successful businessmen in the world, Don Ressler, happens to be a very great entrepreneur that started a lot of great businesses that turned out very successful just like him. As many people already know, Don actually was one of many who put into action the Intelligent Beauty company and also the subsidiaries that ended up following it. Many do not know this, but the first startup that Don ever put out into the world was This very well-known site,, was actually soon bought by the company that everyone in the business world knows as Intermix Media, this occurred in the year 2001.

When all was said and done about the company, Don became partners with Adam Goldenberg, which was a very good decision for him to make at the time. Being such great business partners, Don and Adam were able to create Alena Media. In the year of 2005, the company Intermix soon became in the hands of another company, which was known by the name of News Corp. Soon after this happened, Adam and Don Ressler both realized how much they disliked all of the things going on at News Corp, so they decided to make a break from the company and go in search of different opportunities that would be more along the lines of what they wanted in life.

They indeed did find exactly what they were looking for in life after all of that. They were able to create the company Intelligent Beauty , a system for weight loss(SENSA) and JustFab. All of these companies did really great, and they made their names get noticed. They were soon able to get multiple sources for funding their companies, and became very successful through them.

All in all, Don Ressler has definitely led a great and successful life. His career has brought him much joy and has also brought him much success. Every day of his life, Don is thankful that he was able to meet up with Adam and that they were both able to create such a success out of their lives.


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